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Prof. Dr Kornelia Freitag
Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education
Building UV 3/375
Phone: +49 (0)234 32-24745 or -27877
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Bachelor and Master

Bachelor Programmes

The Ruhr-Universität was one of the first German universities to convert its range of courses to the BA and MA system and has had very good experiences with it. After completing your BA, which usually takes six semesters, you can either embark upon your career or continue and do your MA.

Anyone who signs up for a BA course will take either one or two subjects, which can be virtually any combination. By choosing from a range of optional educational modules, students can gain key qualifications, such as presentation techniques and computer and language skills, for later professional work. These modules also provide opportunities for research-related specialisation.

Some courses do not end in a BA or MA but with a state or church degree. This applies to courses offered by the Faculties of Medicine, Law, and both the Theological Faculties (the term "Faculty" is used for RUB’s disciplinary institutional units) .



Master Programmes

At the RUB, the MA phase follows the slogan “Live Research”: here, academic contents are examined in more depth and research projects and collegial specialist discussions are practised. The MA course, which usually takes four semesters, builds on a degree, a BA, in the same subject or a similar one. As in the BA course, one or two subjects can be studied.

It is also possible to obtain the Master of Education at the Ruhr-Universität, which will qualify you to be a teacher. Building up on the choice of BA subject, two subjects are examined in more depth and complemented by modules with didactic contents.