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Student Survey

In addition to the evaluation procedures, which analyse the quality of teaching and learning conditions on the course and faculty level, the Ruhr-Universität uses more generalised student surveys as a further quality assurance tool.

Student monitor

The student monitor at Ruhr-Universität consists of an initial programme evaluation and an interim programme evaluation. Both surveys are conducted once per year.

While the initial programme evaluation focuses on the social situation of first-year students and their reasons for choosing a particular degree course, the interim programme evaluation provides information on the students’ performance and progress as well as an assessment of the study programmes and study conditions.

Additional information is available here:

Graduate survey

The RUB graduate survey has been conducted every year since the winter semester 2007/2008. It is part of a cooperation project (KOAB) among more than 60 universities.

The survey is carried out among all graduates who completed their degree at RUB between 1 and 1.5 years ago. In addition to a retrospective assessment of the study programmes and study conditions and a summary of the students’ performance and progress, the results of the graduate survey also provide information about the students’ transition into another degree course resp. the job market.

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International Student Barometer

Since 2010, Ruhr-Universität Bochum has been taking part in the International Student Barometer (ISB), a worldwide survey conducted amongst international students. In the survey international students are asked how satisfied they are in the following main areas: arrival, learning, living and support. In addition, there are questions regarding place of study and the application procedure.

New services have been launched as a direct reaction to the ISB results. These include a special registration process for sport classes for international exchange students, "Campus Guides" helping new international students to settle in, and social events that bring German and international students together and provide an insight into German culture.

The results of the ISB are published on a regular basis on the International Office’s homepage at