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Simone Henze
Head of eLearning (RUBeL)
Phone: +49 (0234) 32 25900
Fax: 0234/32-05871
Building NA 6/67
44780 Bochum

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eLearning at RUB

Rather than replacing classroom training, eLearning at RUB complements it in a meaningful way. Applying eLearning techniques in academia leads to greater flexibility across time and place. Students have the option to access content, carry out assignments, complete (self-learning) tests, and lead discussions with their fellow students online – from home and from any other location. Moreover, eLearning elements come in many different formats, providing a wider variety of teaching methods.

Thanks to eLearning, it is easier than ever to study at one of the University Alliance Ruhr institutions. The UA Ruhr online campus – comprised of the universities of Dortmund, Bochum and Duisburg-Essen – allows students to virtually „take the three universities home“. This is where the learning platform Moodle serves as a connecting and cooperating element.

RUB provides a wide range of options to integrate eLearning elements into academic teaching. In addition to the learning platform Moodle, eLearning at our campus also includes online meetings, polling tools, electronic blackboards, video clips, quizzes and tests, inverted classroom learning methods and gamification elements for teaching.

In addition, eLearning at RUB also encourages students to contribute their own ideas: as eTutors in the eTutoring module, students help their teachers implement electronic contents online. In the eLearning competition 5x5000, students and teachers are invited every semester to submit new eLearning ideas and to implement the best ones with the price money awarded to them. As part of the eTeam and eScouts projects, teaching assistants participating in the RUB’s eLearning team provide support to all members of our university’s teaching staff.