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Student Life

Anyone who learns and studies also requires recreation, relaxation, and creative exchange: there are many possibilities on and around the campus to take part in activities alone or with others, in addition to lectures and study work.
The RUB makes this possible in many different ways: artistic development in the Centre for Arts and Music, physical activity with university sports, or inspiration in the Botanical Gardens. There are works by important artists from all over the world on permanent display: as architectural art, in the numerous special exhibitions at the Centre for Arts and Music, in the University Library, the Audimax, or, of course, in the art collections of the RUB with its locations on campus and “Max Imdahl, Arts of Today”. It is always worth paying a visit to these facilities. Additionally, the culture initiative, boSKop, the ASta, and various other student initiatives organise concerts, stage performances, festivals, and faculty parties that draw attention with colourful posters and creative mottos.

Getting involved

As a campus university, the RUB provides ideal conditions for getting involved and help to shape university culture and politics. Anyone who would like to represent student interests can, for example, stand for the student parliament, join a faculty council, or one of the numerous other bodies. In addition, active students are always being sought for the on-campus student radio, the university cinema, or the cultural office boSKop who are interested in the cultural life at the RUB. Involvement pays, and not only personally, because there is also the opportunity to gather a lot of useful experience with a view to one’s own professional future while still at the university.

The Ruhr Metropolis

Furthermore, there is the massive attraction of the city and its surroundings, with its countless opportunities for recreation, in one of the most culturally concentrated and most interesting regions in Europe, which is also the European City of Culture in 2010.