Concurrent Talks


Corien Bary and Emar Maier: "Unembedded Indirect Discourse"

Endre Begby: "Homesign Semantics"

Anton Benz and Nicole Gotzner: "Reconsidering Embedded Implicatures in the Truth-Value Judgment Paradigm"

Hsiang-Yun Chen: "Descriptions and Attitudes"

Jonathan Cohen and Andrew Kehler: "Failure-Free Extrasemantic Content"

Daniel Cohnitz and Jussi Haukioja: "Experimental Data and Theories of Reference"

Anna Daria Drożdżowicz: "Putting Heim & Kratzer in the head - compositionality and cognitive neuroscience"

Bernhard Fisseni, Benedikt Löwe and Bernhard Schröder: "The Empirical Quest for 'Zahlendreher'"

Justyna Grudzinska: "The dynamics of quantification: two-dimensional system with chains and types"

Daniel Gutzmann and Eric Mccready: "Using Descriptions. A Use-conditional View of Referential Descriptions"

Lotte Hogeweg: "Suppression in interpreting coerced nouns: evidence for overspecification in the lexicon"

Minyao Huang: "Bottom-up or Top-down Context Sensitivity?"

Justine Jacot and Peter Gärdenfors: "Do we speak of the same witch? Intentional Identity and the Meeting of Minds"

Simon Kasper: "Is a syntax–semantics homomorphism cognitively plausible?"

Dirk Kindermann: "Content, Communication, and the Aims of Semantic Theory"

Udo Klein and Marcus Kracht: "De Lingua Knowledge"

Udo Klein, Insa Röpke, Florian Hahn and Hannes Rieser: "Using Parameterised Semantics for Speech-Gesture Integration"

Corinna Koch, Alexander Thiel, Emanuela Sanfelici and Petra Schulz: "On the semantics of relative clauses – evidence from a preference task with children and adults"

Kristina Liefke: "Type-Logical Semantics: Insights from Language Development"

Andy Lücking: "Eclectic Semantics for Non-Verbal Signs"

Emar Maier: "Fictional Names in Formal/Cognitive Semantics"

Márta Maleczki: "The meaning of THERE in existential sentences and the logic of natural languages"

Aaron Meskin and Shen-Yi Liao: "What’s the Matter with Aesthetic Adjectives?"

Guillermo Montero-Melis: "A data-driven approach to comparing semantic similarity of event descriptions across languages"

Sonja Müller: "How the linguistic context influences the acceptability of the order of modal particles in German"

Joanna Odrowaz Sypniewska: "A contextualist semantics for vague assertions and disagreement"

Cathal O'Madagain: "Beyond Intentions and Conventions"

Walter Pedriali: "What Compositionality Could Not Be"

Claudia Poschmann: "Does position really matter? Testing acceptability and interpretation of appositive relatives with quantified heads"

Camilo Quezada, Carlos Cornejo and Vladimir Lopez: "The impact of the physical features of objects in the semantic representation of novel words: an N400 study"

David Rey: "Analogical Thinking in Formal Semantics"

Michael Richter and Roeland van Hout: "The use of semantic associations for the classification of verbs"

Martin Schäfer: "Semantic transparency of compounds and the semantics/pragmatics boundary"

Maria Spychalska: "Pragmatic Processing and the Truth-Value Judgment: Exploring the Processing Cost of the Scalar Implicature in an ERP study"

Tuukka Tanninen: "The Origins of Epistemic 2D, and its Problems"

Daniel Tiskin "Two Kinds of Modal Scope"

Mariusz Urbanski: "Erotetic inferences and formal modeling of deductive problem-solving"

Agustin Vicente: "The green leaves and the expert: polysemy and truth-conditional variability"

Matthijs Westera: "Exhaustivity implicatures and attentive content"

Piotr Wilkin: "Cognitive representations and compositionality"

Julia Zakkou: "Metalinguistic Negotiation and Metalinguistic Negation"

Josko Zanic: "Externalism, Naturalizability of Content, and Research Programs in Semantics"

Henk Zeevat: "A Plea for Classical Representations"



Solveiga Armoskaite and Aysegul Kutlu: "A category neutral maximizer: evidence from Turkish"

Jin Cui: "A functional analysis of definite article"

Daniel Gutzmann: "Compositional use-conditional semantics"

Jana Hasenäcker and Berry Claus: "What’s up with valence? – Investigating conceptual metaphors in the processing of emotional words"

David Hommen: "Empirical and philosophical issues about concepts"

Pawel Lupkowski: "Capturing the relevance of dependent questions with erotetic implication"

Pawel Lupkowski: "Non-cooperative strategies in the Loebner contest"

Susanna Melkonian: "Gaining Concepts by Productive Action?"

Radek Ocelák: "On evaluation of color categorization models"

Manuel Rebuschi, Maxime Amblard and Michel Musiol: "Interpreting conversations in pathological contexts"

Koen Roelandt: "(The) most in Dutch: Definiteness and Specificity"

Jonathan Shaheen: "Philosophical Lexical Semantics for 'Because'"

Tamara Vardomskaya: "A Two-Factor Model for Subjective Predicates"

Jan Wislicki: "Compositionality of some types of non-verbatim quotations"